Tuesday, March 24, 2009

...A Work In Progress...

I am terrible at keeping this updated. It's definitely a work in progress. What's been going on with us? Jaydon is signed up for Tball for the first time. Brady is working on getting over his ear infections and bronchitis. He is really wanting to walk and we are hoping his first tooth is coming through. So we are busy with Brady alone...ha! I will post some new pics later today hopefully.

We went to Village Confections last Saturday morning for beignets and coffee (or sprite). This is a great way to support The Christmas Village. They do this every Saturday morning and it was so much fun. Brenda has been working on the new website for the CV and you should check it out...it looks great! http://www.thechristmasvillage.org/

The Village of Hope (adoption agency) is going well. We have so many stories of how God has used our story of both boys to give hope to couples who are feeling exactly how we felt before Jaydon. We are amazed at how God brought us through all of those difficult years to learn and grow closer to Him, but also that now He is allowing us to use those experiences to share our story with other couples. Just simply awesome!!

Buddy's birthday was yesterday and we didn't get to really celebrate at all. Hopefully we will eventually do something special for him. He bought me a ticket to go see Paula Deen tomorrow. My mom and sister are going with me too. I am excited about getting out and having a great time with them.

Buddy's schedule has been pretty hectic lately and usually doesn't ease up until after summer is over. So, we are truly just beginning our busy season. We are so excited that in July, Buddy is going to Brazil for the first time with Upward to lead sports camps. God has continued to bless him with opportunities to do what he loves to do most, travel abroad and sports! I ask that you will join us in praying that God will prepare the hearts of the people that He has in the path of this team that is traveling to Brazil, as well as safety in all the traveling to reach these beautiful people.

We are both blessed to be doing what we love to do. God truly has given us the desires of our hearts. What else is there to say, other than Thank You, Father!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jaydon riding his big boy bike and wearing his daddy's hat!

All of us at Bass Pro Shop getting Santa pics made.

Brady sitting in his seat for the last time...he loves bathtime!

Brady playing with Jaydon's Toys....Jaydon telling Brady how to do it right!

Brady's car that his birthmother gave him for Christmas.

We had to take a picture of this...Brady fell asleep on Buddy's face.

The day it snowed....I was still in the hospital.

Jaydon with Buddy's hat on...he is thinking!

...New Beginnings....

I know it's been almost 2 months since my last update; however, all is finally well here at the Knott house.....YAY!! We have all recovered from surgery, illness, and lack of sleep...well maybe not that one!

Buddy is enjoying the busy life of the children's ministry and all of the sports. He has been able to ref soccer a few times. He has been blessed with so many wonderful volunteers throughout the kick-off of the new Crest Kid's ministry. We are amazed everyday at how God has moved in the lives at Ridgecrest. We are so blessed to be a part of something that makes an eternal difference. And of course, if you know me, you know I can't say enough about our Pastor. He is awesome, not because of anything he does....but when he speaks, you don't see the man, you really know that God is speaking directly to you through his vessel... Amazing!!!

Well, Brady had is first Christmas, and it was wonderful. He really loved playing with the paper and all of the toys he did get, but also his brother's toys too. Jaydon was so animated, as usual, when he opened his presents this year. He sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, and talked about Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus in the manger....somehow Jonah sometimes ends up in that conversation too. Jaydon loves to pray, and he prays for everything. We love to listen to him talk to God. He never misses an opportunity to thank God for all of his grandparents dogs....he might forget everyone else, but at least one of the dogs usually get mentioned.

We are so amazed at God's love for us. We have 2 wonderful boys who keep us busy busy busy, but we never knew for sure a few years ago that these days would actually come. We used to talk about and dream about the days when we could hear our children running through the house....and now that happens (at least one runs and one crawls). Our journey is just beginning. I hope to be able to keep you updated along the way this year.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

.....Being Thankful......

Brady loves to do what his brother is doing at all times!

Mommy's sweet boy!

Our "lil" man...or BIG man now!

Couldn't be Happier...God is so Good!

Brady loves being up in the air....of course I love doing it too!

Happy Baby!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with our families. Everyone (except Wendy's girls...we missed them!) came to our house for the big meal. We are so blessed to be able to be so close to our families. We had fun playing, talking, cooking and eating. God has blessed our family so much.
We can't wait for the Christmas holiday to get here. We look forward to spending more time together with our families. We put our Christmas trees up....and yes that is trees. Jaydon says one is his and the other is PawPaw's. But in actuality one is the glass ornaments and the other tree is the boys tree. We had so much fun putting them up and decorating them this year. Jaydon was a big help. Brady loves looking at them, but hasn't really tried to do anything other than suck on the ornaments that he can reach.
It is our prayer that everyone will take time to help some families and children this Christmas that may be less fortunate. We have a tree at our church that we can choose different children to buy gifts for and there are many throughout the community. We love doing this every year, you think that you are going to give a blessing to someone else, but it's you that ends up feeling blessed. There are so many people in need this year. God has blessed us so much, and it is a joy to be able to help someone else.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

....Long Time Coming.....

Granny getting Brady all nice and warm!

PawPaw taking Jaydon around to play the games!

Me with the Ole Miss Rebel and the Lil Pumpkin!

MawMaw having fun with Brady...keeping him warm in her sweater!

Brady in his walker....showing us how much he loves it!

I am sure everyone is tired of waiting on my updates....I apologize for the delay!

Things are going wonderfully here. Jaydon is really in to football! He loves to play outside with his daddy. For the Trunk or Treat at Granny and Papaw's church, Jaydon was an Ole Miss Football player. Of course Buddy had a lot to do with that costume...ha! Brady was a sweet first time pumpkin. He wore the same outfit that Jaydon wore on his first Halloween! We had a blast with them that night, even though it was cold.

Brady is going everywhere in his little walker now. He likes to be able to go, but doesn't like it when he gets stuck somewhere. He is finally taking naps in his bed now....yay! This is a long time coming, because for so long we couldn't lay him down because of his stomach issues. He is doing so much better with all of his issues. We do have a flare up every now and then, but for the most part, he is doing great.

Church, of course, is wonderful! I still say we have the best pastor and music pastor combo that I have ever had the privilege to worship under. There isn't a Sunday that we don't come home and just take a deep breath and thank our gracious God for allowing us to be fed spiritually week in and week out. And it never ceases to amaze me how my quiet times are usually right on target with what our pastor preaches on that Sunday. It is awesome to see God work.....and feel it too!

The adoption agency is going well. We are at our max. right now with couples. Just waiting on God to send the birthparents to us. We are so blessed.

Brady's birthmother visited us this weekend. Her dad also came for the first time. It was fun to watch him interact with Brady. Brady just loved him. He just talked and talked to him. Of course, Jaydon loved her dad, because he rode a "motorbicycle" to see us! We all had a good time that day. It was emotional, but good!

We are looking forward to all of the holidays coming up. Spending time with family that we don't get to see very often, and focusing on the birth of our Lord! What a wonderful time of year!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

....Can't Wait.....

Brady Cameron getting ready to say something....

Brady holding his toy frog with one of the frog's eyes in his mouth!

Hello everyone....sorry it has been way to long since I have updated! We have been extremely busy. There is a ton of things for me to tell you about. First, Brady is doing great. He is so much better! That is such an answered prayer. Thank you to everyone for all of the encouragement and the prayers. We go back to the gastroenterologist on Monday to get our next set of instructions which are supposed to include starting baby food.....wooohooo!

Jaydon is still growing like a weed. He is so funny (as you can see in some of the previous pictures I have posted). I am so blessed!

As far as everything else....church is awesome! We love Ridgecrest and we love our Pastor. God really has a special plan for our church to reach our community and the world for Him. We have so much excitement for what God is doing in the midst of our church!

One new thing that is going on in our lives is that Buddy and I are the directors of a new adoption agency called The Village of Hope. We have partnered with The Christmas Village (where Brady's birthmother stayed) to create this ministry. We are so excited and have had a great response from couples so far. We are trying to keep the cost low and the often unavailable resources a reality for these birthmothers and couples.

We can use your prayers and support in this new ministry. We have been swamped with calls and paperwork, but it is all so much fun. We know that God has allowed us to go through the journey that we have to bring us to this point of helping others. How great is our God?

I hope to give updates soon. Keep watching....