Tuesday, March 24, 2009

...A Work In Progress...

I am terrible at keeping this updated. It's definitely a work in progress. What's been going on with us? Jaydon is signed up for Tball for the first time. Brady is working on getting over his ear infections and bronchitis. He is really wanting to walk and we are hoping his first tooth is coming through. So we are busy with Brady alone...ha! I will post some new pics later today hopefully.

We went to Village Confections last Saturday morning for beignets and coffee (or sprite). This is a great way to support The Christmas Village. They do this every Saturday morning and it was so much fun. Brenda has been working on the new website for the CV and you should check it out...it looks great! http://www.thechristmasvillage.org/

The Village of Hope (adoption agency) is going well. We have so many stories of how God has used our story of both boys to give hope to couples who are feeling exactly how we felt before Jaydon. We are amazed at how God brought us through all of those difficult years to learn and grow closer to Him, but also that now He is allowing us to use those experiences to share our story with other couples. Just simply awesome!!

Buddy's birthday was yesterday and we didn't get to really celebrate at all. Hopefully we will eventually do something special for him. He bought me a ticket to go see Paula Deen tomorrow. My mom and sister are going with me too. I am excited about getting out and having a great time with them.

Buddy's schedule has been pretty hectic lately and usually doesn't ease up until after summer is over. So, we are truly just beginning our busy season. We are so excited that in July, Buddy is going to Brazil for the first time with Upward to lead sports camps. God has continued to bless him with opportunities to do what he loves to do most, travel abroad and sports! I ask that you will join us in praying that God will prepare the hearts of the people that He has in the path of this team that is traveling to Brazil, as well as safety in all the traveling to reach these beautiful people.

We are both blessed to be doing what we love to do. God truly has given us the desires of our hearts. What else is there to say, other than Thank You, Father!!

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K Storm said...

We did the coffee and beignets on Saturday thing before soccer season...it is a fun thing to do.